Digital Transformation with Openbox

Insights and analysis

Get actionable insights that increase conversions, boost digital adoption and improve customer satisfaction.

Understand your users

Our regular user research and usability testing will help you understand your users and discover how they use your products and services.

These insights will help you validate your ideas, gain new perspectives and design more user-friendly digital products.

Boost your business

If you don’t invest in the performance of your digital products and services, your business will be left behind.

But we’ll help you stay ahead of the game by using data-driven techniques that can improve your customer journey and increase your revenue and sales.

Increase digital adoption

Understanding your customers’ behaviours and challenges is key to the success of any digital transformation strategy. 

So we’ll discover and deliver actionable insights that help you personalise experiences and drive an increase in customer satisfaction and digital adoption.

See the insights

Working closely with top tech partners across the globe gives us the tools we need to analyse your customers’ behaviour.

This helps us give you deeper insights and analysis – and discover what really makes your customers click.

Digital Transformation with Openbox

Our insights and analysis services

User research

Easily understand your users’ behaviours and motivations – and design experiences that suit their needs.

Usability testing

Observe your users in action and make sure you build the right digital experience first time, every time.

A/B testing

Compare user experiences to see what works best – then optimise customer journeys and increase conversions.

Behavioural analytics

Examine and understand your customers’ behaviour to optimise conversion, engagement and retention rates.

Customer insights

Get to know your customers better and discover how they feel about your digital products and services.

Conversion rate optimisation

Improve your customer experience to increase conversions, attract new customers and boost your business.

Struggle analysis

Quickly identify your customers’ problems and frustrations – so you can easily improve their user experience.

Tagging strategy

Collect accurate data, understand your users and keep your digital products at peak performance.

Our door’s always open

Are you ready to push the boundaries in customer interaction and design?

We’re ready when you are. It’s time to think outside the box.

It’s time to think Openbox.

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